World Series Preview – Game 1

Who would’ve thought? Back to back appearances to the World Series for the Kansas City Royals. The team that was only supposed to do a little bit of damage this year comes out and shows the world who is ready to fight. The Kansas City Royals finished the regular season with an AL best 95-67 record. Heading into the playoffs, there was a bit of nervousness for me and for fans. Let’s see how our team from KC got to the 2015 WS.


The Royals jousted with the Houston Astros and were put to the brink of elimination only to see a story book finish at what seemed to be the end in Game 4, scoring seven runs in the eighth and ninth innings. Then, to come back to Kauffman and take the series in Game 5 behind the ace, Johnny Cueto. The Royals would win the best of 5 series, 3-2.

Next, KC faced the highly talented Toronto Blue Jays. The team that had bats all throughout the lineup. The Royals defended home field and took games one and two at the K. In Toronto, with the new slow turf at the Rogers Centre, halted the Royals and were steamrolled by the Jays in Game 3. The Royals, then took care of business in Game 4, but then gave back up ground back to Jose Bautista’s Blue Jays in Game 5 with the 1-7 loss. Back in KC, with the crowd behind them, Ventura on the mound, the Royals came out strong. Ben Zobrist led the team with the first homerun of the day. Then, Mike Moustakas chimed in and hit the top of the fence in right field for a controversial homerun, 2-0 Royals. Then, Jose Bautista knocks a solo homerun in the top of the 4th on a 3-1 count. The Royals end up being up 3-1 in the top of the 8th but guess whose back up. Jose Bautista again, this time off Ryan Madson, the relief pitcher, who was put in instead of Wade Davis at that point. Then, Hosmer would get a base hit up the right field line to bat in Lorenzo Cain, all the way from first base. The Royals would then put in Wade Davis and you know what happens to other teams when he comes in. They are doomed. Wade Davis shut down Josh Donaldson on a ground call to Moose to lead the Royals to back-to-back World Series appearances. That is how the Royals got here.

Kendrys Morales celebrates with the KC fans after a Home Run.

Kendrys Morales celebrates with the KC fans after a Home Run.


The newcomer’s vs experience is the talk right now. For the New York Mets, they have Matt Harvey as their main man on the mound against the bats of the Royals. The Royals are hitting .271 this postseason, led by the bat of Alcides Escobar, the 6’1’’ shortstop is hitting .386. The Mets have steamrolled through the playoffs, beating the Dodgers in five games, then next to the Chicago Cubs. They swept the Cubs, 4-0 and have had plenty of days to rest. You can argue whether this is good or bad to have a good amount of rest. We don’t have to worry about the DH being out yet until games 3 and 4, which will be a huge blow to the Royals (yes fans it will be). Game one will be a good test. Will Murphy’s Mets come out swinging the bats against a thriving Edinson Volquez or will the Royals show how experience will take them through this series? The advantage by positions goes to the Royals in my opinion. You have a mix of hunger and redemption. Just like my hometown San Antonio Spurs lost the NBA Finals in 2013 to LeBron James and the Miami Heat, they came back and won the following year. The Royals are hungry. Look for Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer to lead the team and for players like Moose, Zobrist, Gordon and ALCS MVP Alcides Escobar to be the behind the scenes work horses in this series. I have the Royals, 4-2. Hopefully the Royals can Take The Crown.

By: Brandon Fabac

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