Wonder Woman

I stepped into the theater last Saturday with somewhat high expectations as I sat in the front row.  While DC movies in the recent past have been lacking in some regards, it was refreshing to see a ray of hope for the franchise in Wonder Woman.  This movie checks all the boxes needed for a quality action movie and comic book movie.  I was pleasantly surprised the amount of heart Wonder Woman brought to the screen elevating the message of the film and making it a bit more than what we have seen from the DC franchise lately.

From Superman Vs. Batman and Suicide Squad, DC has made some less than stellar films to its comic counterpart Marvel in the recent past.  Wonder Woman thankfully could mean the shift of the tide.  Gal Gadot is amazing as Diana and you could see the development of the character from innocent and seemingly naive when introduced to the world by Chris Pine.  The connection and story between the two characters in the film made for a pleasant love story and the overall story itself is spectacular.  Coupled with great scenery and fight sequences that awe incredibly choreographed.

The one aspect that set this apart from many superhero movies is the clear message of hope for peace that rings throughout the movie.  One pitfall most of comic book movies fall into for me is when the directors add too much humor, which undermines the serious scenes of the film.  I was happy to see a nice mixture of both seriousness and humor with even the characters used for comic relief still having depth such as Ewan Bremner’s character Charlie.  Which makes you realize that even the goofy guy in the movie still has problems because of war.

I give this movie a 5 out of 5 and I believe even if you are going to sit in the front row, go see it on the big screen and you won’t be sorry.

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