The Wombats – Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

When I think of The Wombats, I think of odd but fun lyrics, and upbeat, borderline electronic/psychedelic music. And this album provides just that.

The first song on the album, “Cheetah Tongue”, was pre-released as a single.
The song itself is pretty simple, but the lyrics are very visual. I really like the line “My hands shake like jellyfish when you’re near.” It also mentions black flamingos, which is a song later on the album. The ridiculous lyrics continue with “Lemon to a Knife Fight”. “I’m not getting out of here this time / I brought a lemon to a knife fight.” I’m not sure what they were trying to do musically. At times it seems more intense and action-packed, like the song is supposed to be more serious, and at other times it’s just very pop and not much else. It’s still a pretty good song, though.

“Turn” is probably my favorite song on the album. It’s about having fun, really enjoying where you are at life in the moment, and finding those people whose brain/personality really meshes with yours. It’s definitely a song I’m going to revisit often when I’m taking long drives over the summer.

As mentioned before, the next song is “Black Flamingo”. I definitely got a giggle out of the bridge: “Give me a leg to stand on, stand on.”

The next couple songs I found very problematic. “White Eyes” is about taking some kind of drug, and seems very possessive to whoever the singer is referring to. “It’s hard to keep my chin up when my guts are lying on the floor / I let you chew the red parts and eat my mind like a cake. “Lethal Combination” is about drinking until you’re blind, throwing up, and  “If you remember this tomorrow then you’re doing it wrong.” All set to very upbeat pop music. I really don’t appreciate the glamorization of these things, and was really suprised to hear this from The Wombats.

The last few songs are pretty good. I liked “I Only Wear Black”, because it’s an upbeat alternative song for anyone who used to be emo.

If you’ve noticed that my descriptions are pretty vague for this album, you would be correct. All the songs are pretty much the same, and there’s not much notable about the music itself for me to mention. It’s the same as any other Wombats album, which makes this one kind of bland. Besides the couple songs I mentioned, this album just seems like they are playing it safe.

There’s a few good songs, but if anyone is wanting to look into this band, I’d reccomend their older stuff like “Greek Tragedy” and “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”.

By: Monica Brich

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