The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy

Song writer, and award winning R&B artist The Weeknd recently released a new album March 30th. This album consists of 6 songs (Call out my name, Try me, Wasted Times, I was never there, Hurt you, and Privilege). Even though there is only there you can still hear the passion and heartbreak in each song. Listening to the psychedelic vibes of  his unique mixture of pop, and R&B , I can only envision this album being recorded in a room full of smoke.

The album starts with a song called “Call out my name”. Basically, this sonically sounds like a depressing version of his prior hits, “Earned it”, and “Wicked Games”. You can’t help but wonder…how was the culprit to this heart break? Many fans, and gossip gurus believe that The weeknd’s ex, pop singer Selena Gomez is the source of his pain.

Following this notion, which is becoming a bit more accurate with the next song on the album, “Try me”- with it’s typical smooth vibe with and booming base- could be perceived as a direct message for this “mystery lady” to come to her senses, and come back to him. With the course saying “Can you try me? Once you put your pride aside, can you notify me? You’re the best I ever had. Can you remind me?” For all the gentleman trying to get back with their ex, this could be an effective go to song.

“Wasted times”, is his way of comparing the woman he had relations with to get over his true love, and hence the title, it was a waste of his time. After sleeping around with other woman, he realizes that’s all he wanted from these women, and that he never has intentions of being with those women. In the words of Drake, “that’s just something to do when there’s nothing to do”. Following these emotionless relations, he now wants to know if this “mystery lady” feels the same as him.

“I was never there”, was in fact the climax of the album. He has hit a breaking point, almost rock bottom. The sound is almost suicidal, as he must shift to his next phase in life, acceptance. The album ends with “hurt you, and privilege”, which is him proclaiming his savagery. He now is going back to his old self, just pleasure, no emotion.

This album is definitely a must. If you’ve ever experienced a heart break, the album will literally take the levels feelings you had and make it into poetry. Meaning, you will most definitely be in your feelings after listening to this project. But hey, a good song writer can make you feel that way.

By: Tiffany Horne

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