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#1 Legislators Create Public Forum on Kansas Education Standards
Kansas lawmakers are looking for public input on education. So, they created “Join the Conversation!” an online tool where people can read about education standards and suggest changes. The tool will be online until October 30th.


harriswittels#2 Parks and Recreation Writer and Co-Executive Producer Dies
Harris Wittels was found dead by his assistant in his Los Angeles home. Police were called to the scene on a possible drug overdose. The cause of death has yet to be announced by a coroner.


#3 The Latest Snowden Leak

Edward Snowden’s latest leak speaks of the NSA and its British equivalent stealing codes from a data chip manufacturer, which allows the agencies to spy on mobile phones worldwide. There is no evidence to support a claim that either agency used the codes for non-valid intelligence targets.


#4 Kansas Senate expected to pass bill to outlaw a specific type of abortion
The bill up for a vote in the Senate in the today would outlaw the dilation and evacuation procedure and reclassify it as dismemberment abortion. 25 of the senate’s 40 members sponsored the bill. Abortion rights supporters say the dilation and evacuation method is many times the safest method for second-trimester abortions.


#5 Car Bomb in Libya kills a minimum of 30
The attack seems to bear the marks of Islamic militants who have battled the Libyan army for months. Libya has asked the U.N. to lift its arms embargo in order to defend itself against the Islamic State, but the U.S. and Britain are worried about selling weapons to an already fractured country.



NASCAR has announced that it will be promoting STEM inside and outside classrooms. The organization is giving a nod to the often overlooked science behind racing. The initiative is focused on the three D’s of speed, which are downforce, drafting and drag.


#7 License Plate Renewal Postcards Suspended
State officials have indefinitely postponed planes to change from sending a letter to sending a postcard to let people know when they need to renew their vehicle tags. When the change does go into effect, officials hope to save about $560,000 per year.


#8 Rebel troubles in Ukraine
Despite the cease-fire, separatist fighters in Ukraine are continuing to fight. According to a Ukrainian military spokesman, the rebels fire on Ukrainian positions over 50 times per day.


#9 Snarky Facebook Comment Gets a Maryland State Employee fired
Michael Allred was a police liaison with Maryland’s government accountability program. He was fired for posting “Visiting the Prisons … haven’t been groped this much since the flight on the honeymoon… and this is just the guards!” A spokesperson has confirmed that the post was the reason for Allred’s termination.


#9.19 Scientists Discover Cause of Munchiesmunchiess
A team of Neuroscientists studied why cannabinoids like those in marijuana give you the munchies. In effect, they confuse receptors which tell you that you’re full. This created a feedback loop that constantly tells you you’re hungry.

By: Anthony Williams

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