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9.19 things to distract your professors from the homework you didn’t do.


#1 Officers face murder charges in Freddie Gray’s death
In a press conference today, Baltimore lead prosecutor Marilyn J. Mosby said there is probable cause for criminal charges against the six officers.  Mosby said the knife Gray was arrested for carrying turned out to be legal.

#2 Death toll in Nepal rises above 6000 peopleNepal_Earthquake_2015_01
According to the Red Cross, towns near the epicenter of the 7.8 earthquake have been nearly completely devastated.  The BBC is reporting the 6,204 people dead with another 13,932 injured.


#3 House of Representatives accepted a proposal that promises 5 trillion in cuts and the repeal of Obamacare
The House voted 226 – 197 to send the non-binding plan which would cut more than five trillion dollars in spending.  The proposal would also pad Pentagon war accounts by $40 billion next year.  The proposal now goes to the Senate.

#4 House of Representatives rejects medical marijuana proposal
The House barely held back a bill which would allow VA doctors to give patients advice on medical marijuana use.  36 states allow medical marijuana, but a federal law blocks VA doctors from even discussing the issue with their patients.

#5 Lackluster Kansas Revenues 
Kansas revenues were $4.4 million less than estimated after a lowered tax revenue forecast.  The Department of Revenue says $3.3 million of the total came from a lack of corporate income tax receipts.

#6 Russia cracks down on piracypirate
Russia strengthened a 2013 law which gives the authorities the ability to cut off access to site who pirate media.  That law was extended to cover sites who like to pirated materials with the exception of pirated images.

#7 Navy ships will escort commercial ships
After Iran detained a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship this week, Navy ships will be escorting American commercial ships through the Strait of Hormuz.

#8 Iron Business Man
Recent psychological research shows that wearing suits elicit feelings of power.  It would seem the saying ‘dress for success’ has supporting evidence.

#9 Flashy quarterbacks gain top picks in the draftJameis_Winston_2013_headcrop
Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was picked up by Tampa Bay using the first overall pick while Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota went to Tennessee with the second overall pick.


#9.19 Age of Ultron loved by fans
Fans have loved the new Avengers movie, but critics seem to be bored.  Many critics have said the second movie’s plot line mirrors the first, and doesn’t deviate from the established and successful pattern of wit and explosions interspersed.

By: Anthony Williams

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