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9.19 things to mumble in your sleep this weekend

#1 King of Clubs killed by Iraqi Forces
Iraqi forces are claiming to have killed a man who was in Saddam Hussein’s leadership circle.  Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri is the King of Clubs in a pack of playing cards that U.S. troops were issued so they would recognize the most wanted officials of Hussein’s regime.

#2 Welfare Woeswelfare
Kansas recently passed a law which tightened restrictions on what people receiving cash-assistance could buy.  They are no longer allowed to buy alcohol, tobacco, movie or concert tickets, and lingerie among other things.

#3 Deepwater Horizon leaves deep scar
The gulf is still feeling the effects of the Deepwater Horizon spill.  Dolphin deaths have more than tripled since before the spill.  However, British Petroleum spokesman Geoff Morrell told ABC news that the gulf is recovering faster than expected.

#4 Army shutting down Wounded Warrior transition care units
Due to deployment draw down, 10 of 25 transition units will be shut down by August 2016.  This is the second year in a row the number has been reduced.

#5 Officer dismissed ‘not based on facts’
A Detroit officer who beat a motorist during a traffic stop says his dismissal wasn’t based on facts.  A dash cam video shows the officer punching the motorist in the head repeatedly.  the officer and his union are contesting the firing.

money#6 Goodbye Jackson
The first woman to serve as a U.S. senator and a governor, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, is backing a campaign to put a female face on the $20 bill.

#7 Executive action on trial
Appellate judges are considering whether to lift a temporary hold on Obama’s immigration executive order imposed by a federal judge in Texas.

#8 FM radio chips live in your phone
Most smartphone carriers build FM chips into their phones, but some (Samsung, Apple, and LG among others) don’t turn the chips on.  The National Association of Broadcasters and some other organizations are trying to change that.

#9 Han Solo is back
The latest Star Wars teaser trailer was released on the 16th, and fans are welcoming Han and Chewie back onto the screen.

#9.19 Space Station gets coffee snob’s indulgencespacecoffee
According to National Public Radio, astronauts on the space station have been wishing for a good strong coffee in orbit for years, and Italy’s space agency finally came through. The new custom-built machine is the result of collaborations between engineers from the country’s aerospace industry and the Lavazza coffee company.

By: Anthony Williams

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