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9.19 things you missed due to midterms

#1 The Islamic State is joined by Boko Haram
ISIS accepted the African group’s pledge of allegiance. This comes just as the Nigerian army, foreign mercenaries, and a regional alliance have been taking back land gained by Boko Haram. The video of the Islamic State’s acceptance has yet to be verified.

#2 NASA launches MMS MMS_mission
Last night, NASA launched the Magnetosphere Multiscale Mission. The $1.1 billion project is set up to study magnetic reconnection. The launch consists of four satellites that fly in a pyramid shape. The results from this launch could help scientists discover how energy from magnetic fields is transferred into kinetic energy and heat.

#3 Kansas school funding overhaul passes house of representatives
A plan that would revise how the state distributes aid to schools was decided in the Kansas House of Representatives today. The bill just barely passed with one more vote than is needed.  The funding bill  gave schools block grants based on the current funding levels while the legislature decided on another means of funding.  It is now headed to the Kansas Senate.

#4 French athletes die in helicopter crash
Two helicopters carrying Olympic medalists and a sailing champion crashed in a remote part of Argentina. Ten people died. The group was shooting a popular reality TV show.

White_House_Washington#5 Secret Service Agents crash into White House security barrier
The White House is investigating reports that two senior Secret Service agents drove a government car into White House security barricades after a night of debauchery. The two were reportedly drinking at a late night party.

#6 Utah passes legislation that pleases LGBT and religious community
The bill makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity in regard to housing and employment. It also provides exceptions for religious organizations and their affiliates.

#7 Kansas’ off the record press conference
Kansas Statehouse reporters staged a walkout when legislators wanted to hold an off-the-record press conference to talk about the school funding bill. Press conferences like that are common in Washington D.C., but unheard of in Topeka.

#8 Some republicans feel like they were hasty with the letter to Iran
Republicans such as John McCain and Pat Roberts have said that if they could go back, they would change the letter to Iran. The letter, sent earlier this week, stated that many Republican Senators would remain in office long after President Obama term ends, therefore any deal made could be reversed by the next president.

#9 K-State SAE chapter gets flak
After a video surfaced in which the Oklahoma University chapter of sigma Alpha Epsilon was seen making a racist chant, members of SAE chapters have been on the receiving end of hostility. One K-State student and member of the local chapter was kicked and insulted simply for being a member of the fraternity.

#9.19 Artist makes pictures of space in his kitchen#9.19
Freelance photographer Navid Baraty arranges common kitchen items into spacescapes like the one to the left. For that one he used a glass with water and food coloring for the planet and sugar, cinnamon, and cumin for the stars.

By: Anthony Williams

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