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9.19 important things you’ll forget during Fake Patty’s Day

#1 Department of Justice rules everyone is right
The DOJ announced Wednesday that while it was not charging officer Darren Wilson with any civil rights crimes, but it did say the police department in Ferguson does engage in civil rights violations. The reports cited black residents made up more than 90 percent of those charged with “manner of walking along roadway.” In addition, the Ferguson police dogs have only bitten 15 people, all of them black.


#2 Han Solo crashes Millennium Falconford
Harrison Ford was taken to a hospital with moderate injuries after his vintage two-seater plane crash landed on a Los Angeles golf course due to engine trouble.


#3 Kansas education funding to be decided at another time
The Kansas legislature is looking to enact block grants for schools which would keep funding solid for the next two years while lawmakers decide how to replace the current school funding formula.


#4 Royals start spring training with two wins
The Royals have now won their first two games against the Texas Rangers. The first match-up between the two teams ended up in a landslide victory for Kansas City. The Royals took the second game in a come-behind victory.


#5 Unemployment still falling
The U.S. economy added more jobs than expected in February. The jobless rate fell from 5.7% to 5.55 which is its lowest point since May 2008.


#6 Circus elephants will become endangered soonelephant
Some elephants are already endangered, but we’re talking about elephants in the circus. Animal rights activists are taking credit for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus removing elephant acts from their shows.


#7 Islamic State Militants destroyed ancient site
Iraq’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities says ISIS militants destroyed the ancient archaeological Nimrud site by running it over with heavy military vehicles. The organization has demolished other sites, claiming they promote leaving the Islamic faith.


#8 Blue eyes for YOU
Stroma Medical now has a procedure that would turn non-blue eyes into blue eyes. It uses a laser to loosen the top layer of pigment on your eye, and reveal the blue color underneath. Your body naturally gets rid of the brown pigment.


#9 Light poses for picture as both wave and particlelight picture
Scientists have known for years that light can behave as both a particle and a wave, but scientists have never been able to see both at once. While the picture shows light looking like more of a wave, the electrons hitting the wave causes an energy spike shown by the color change.


#9.19 Young composer’s Carnegie Hall music dropped from Carnegie Hall
Jonas Tarm was commissioned to write a piece of music to be played by the New York Youth Symphony. However, the composer neglected to explain why he sampled a selection of the Nazi anthem. When it came to the attention of the symphony’s administration, the piece was dropped. His website now reads that the piece is dedicated to the victims of the hatred and cruelty of war, totalitarianism and polarizing nationalism.

By: Anthony Williams

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