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9.19 things you missed due to llamas and a dress

#1 Net Neutrality
In a precedent setting move, the FCC voted 3-2 to approve net neutrality yesterday. Net neutrality would ensure that companies could not charge different prices to different consumers who have identical internet usage. Chairman Tom Wheeler said it was a red-letter day; however, instead of celebrating this achievement, the internet decided to explode with llamas and dresses.


#2 Fire in K-State Parking Garage20150226_132528
Yesterday early afternoon, a student vehicle went up in flames in the K-State parking garage. The 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix was totaled. According to a press release, the parking garage was not structurally harmed.



#3 The Capital has gone green
Washington D.C. has joined Alaska, Colorado, and Washington in making recreational marijuana use legal. It is still illegal under federal law.


greece#4 Germany approves Greece’s Bailout extension
Germany’s Parliament approved an extension of Greece’s bailout today. The vote was the biggest majority for a euro zone bailout since the Grecian crisis started five years ago.


#5 Kansas Teacher persecution
Kansas teachers can now be charged if the distribute any materials thought to be too profane or sexual for minors. Critics worry that this could make biology and health classes dangerous for teachers.


#6 Missouri Shootings leaves eight dead
A gunman went door to door in Tyrone Missouri late yesterday, killing seven people plus himself. The Police have not released the names of the victims or shooter or any possible connections.


#7 Cell phones detect GMO’s
While Cell phones can’t actually detect GMO’s, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says companies could put a special label or QR code that would transmit all sorts of information to a shopper’s cell phone.


#8 Antartica’s Ice is re-shaping the earthiceberg
When Ice melts, it becomes water. The water from melting glaciers flows around the planet and water levels rise. In a century or two, coastlines around the world could be completely different.



#9 The U.S. is now at the longest no-death streak since 2001
The U.S. has now achieved 75 days without a military combat death. This is the longest streak since the 9/11.
#9.19 It’s now legal to cheat on your spouse in South Korea
A South Korean court struck down a law that punished extramarital affairs. While it is not certain how effective the law was, the stock of one condom maker in Korea shot up 15% after the court ruling.

By: Anthony Williams

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