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9.19 things to help you forget finals

helicopter crash#1 Ambassadors killed in helicopter crash
Seven people, including the Norwegian and Filipino ambassadors, were killed when a Pakistani helicopter crashed into a school.  17 people were on the helicopter when it went down.

#2 Kansas braces for more bad weather
Despite recent flooding and tornadoes, some Kansans may not get a reprieve.  Conditions are ripe for more powerful tornadoes and storms in the Midwest.

#3 Britain’s conservative party wins power
The Conservatives had a surprisingly easy victory.  Prime Minister David Cameron says his party’s power will bring more accountability.

#4 U.S. Marshals hunt for local womanUS Marshals
The U.S. Marshals Service are asking for help finding Heidi Lynn Webster who has ties in the Manhattan and Junction city area.  Police are asking that no one tries to help capture Webster. Those who have information should contact the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force at (785)-295-2775.

#5 Justice Department investigates Baltimore Police
The Justice Department has officially opened an investigation into the Baltimore Police Department.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the investigation will focus on accusations that the Baltimore Police use excessive force, conduct unlawful searches and seizures, and engage in discrimination.

#6 Kansas School funding lawsuit
The testimonies of a Kansas education official and a school superintendent were heard in front of a Shawnee County district court.  Four Kansas school districts are asking the court to look into Kansas’s new “block grant” funding bill.

#7 Obama pushes free trade initiative
President Obama is visiting the Nike headquarters in Oregon because he wants to promote his trade agenda in a portion of the country which depends on exports.

#8 You filter your news more than Facebook does5811017623_e075990dc2_o

A study of 10 million Facebook users shows that who you pick as a friend changes your news more than Facebook’s algorithm does.  Facebook’s algorithm reduces news that doesn’t espouse your political position by 1 percent.  Conservatives themselves are 17 percent  less likely to click on a liberal article and Liberals were 6 percent less likely to click on a Conservative article.

#9 Jimmy Kimmel honors Dave Letterman
Jimmy Kimmel says he won’t be airing a new episode of his show opposite David Letterman’s final “Late Show.”

#9.19 Bullet eating dog
An Arkansas veterinarian has saved a dog who ate 23 live rifle rounds.  The 4-year-old dog had surgery last week to remove the .308 caliber rounds from his stomach.  The dog’s owner knows his dog likes to eat non-food items, but he didn’t think it would eat bullets.

By: Anthony Williams

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