Wale – It’s Complicated

If you’re a fan of Wale you know that he has been dropping relationship knowledge lately, putting men on game to how a woman’s mind works. In his newest project, It’s Complicated, he dissects the ins and out to how the anatomy of a woman’s mind works, and how to deal with relationships when you finally enter the appropriate stage of maturity.

The album starts off with “It’s Complicated,” which is an assortment of poetry, rap and informative conversation. With its smooth vibes the song goes more in depth about what Wale is looking for in a woman. He starts with describing his perception of women in this generation, and how they are more interested in the social clout than actual reality that surrounds them. He loves the idea of a relationship, but feels like him or any woman he has encountered is emotionally inclined or stable to be in a real relationship, hence the title, “It’s complicated.”

The album then goes into a more musical with his next song “Black Bonnie,” featuring R&B singer Jacquees. With Wales unorthodox style and Jacquees passionate vocals, it definitely sets the mood throughout this romantic ballad.

His song “Effortless” has a smooth ‘90s up beat flow to it. In the course you can tell he sampled a song from an artist in the late ‘90s. But being Wale, he definitely has to add in his own flare to it. The tone and vibe of this song it hypnotizing. You can envision yourself on a sunny day, driving down a long road, next to a beach, with this song on…sounds relaxing doesn’t it?

I swear you become addicted when you hear the first minute of the song.

The next song “Let it Go,” starts with an aggressive base balancing with a girl angelically singing the melody. Then Wales smooth verse comes in, and it’s not even the cherry on top…it’s the whole dessert.

Overall, I adore Wale when he makes albums like this one. Granted it is just 4 songs, but these are incredibly written and effective 4 songs. It’s a must listen!

By: Tiffany Horne

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