The Voidz – Virtue

On March 30th, The Voidz released their second album, Virtue, and right off the bat, you can tell that the band isn’t making music for commercial reasons anymore (if they ever were at all), but instead they are doing it for their own artistic reasons. If you thought their first project, Tyranny, was all over the place, well then you are in for a little bit more of the same.

The album is one of those that takes a few listens to appreciate, and it’s definitely designed as a collective album instead of an album that has a few hits and the rest is crap. While listening, it’s clear to see that Virtue is laced with a crazy amount of different musical elements; I can’t really think of an album that’s more abstract than Virtue so far in 2018. Some songs, like the opener “Leave it in my Dreams,” and “Think Before You Drink,” sound likethey are directly off The Strokes’ most intimate album, Comedown Machine. On the other hand, tracks like “Pyramid of Bones,” and “QYURRYUS,” employ more psychedelic elements and more abstract forms of songwriting, leaving people listening for the first time rather overwhelmed.  On their most sellable track, “All Words Are Made Up,” The Voidz use a poppy rhythm and a decently repetitive beat to allow for anyone who is new to this sort of wackball music to enjoy. If I were to show someone The Voidz for the first time, I would definitely have them listen to this track, as its really the only one that can stand on its own.

They also did a strong job of making the listen a roller coaster type ride, instead of just consistently giving off the same vibe, like a lot of modern artists seem to do nowadays. One moment you are listening to an upbeat banger and before you know it you get shot straight to the feels. Although this album is messy as can be, the band somehow found a way to make these tracks build off the momentum of each track before, and makes for an overall pleasant experience. Its not perfect by any means imaginable, but overall, this album was a pleasant surprise, and, in my opinion, a definite step up from their first project. If they can continue to build on their band chemistry, the Voidz could become a major force in modern experimental rock, and could mean a return to the spotlight for Julian Casablancas.

Rate- 7.8

Hits- “My Friend The Walls” “Leave it in my Dreams” “All Wordz are Made Up” “Pyramid of Bones” “Think Before You Drink”

Misses- “Black Hole” “Pink Ocean”

By: Daniel Lopez

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