Flatbush Zombies: Vacation in Hell Review


New to the national hip-hop scene–Flatbush Zombies! A hip-hop group from Flatbush, a borough within  Brooklyn, New York Other notable artists from Flatbush include Busta Rhymes, Joey Bada$$ and The Underachievers. They are new to the national hip hop scene however they have been performing as a group since 2012.

Flatbush Zombies have been quiet as their first studio album 3001: A Laced Odyssey was released in 2016. Vacation in Hell is Flatbush’s SECOND STUDIO ALBUM, released on April 6, 2018. The album is an ensemble of 19 tracks, approximately an hour and twenty minutes.

Now on to the album…

Vacation in Hell starts off strong with Hell-O and follows up with Chunky–which is all about welcoming you to the twisted “vacation”. This project plays on the themes of everyday life–there’s a song for every mood!

“If you are feeling like you need a throwback track Headstone is where you want to be. Headstone has song references from almost every rapper that Flatbush pulls influence from which ranges clear from Eminem to Notorious B.I.G..”

 The listener would expect there to be a lull in the flow of the album–with this album being so long–but that is not the case. Not a single bad song, each song breathes its own life into the album and keeps it fresh for its entire duration.

For example, Crown is a pleasant surprise towards the end of the album–it really dives into the roots of Flatbush!  This song speaks on the band’s experiments with hard drugs, member Meechy Darko reminisces in the following line in the third verse:

“No one gets out alive, so we livin’ like we already died.”

This is a reference to Meechy’s past as he references his personal experience with drugs and claims he died then came back with a new perspective on life.

It’s things like this that really cut deep and makes all these songs on this album a great listen! It truly shows the artist’s experiences–which is what makes Flatbush so raw and transparent! They aren’t afraid to acknowledge their past or whom they are as people.

The project yields a variety of songs with multiple angles, like Best American. This song reflects the Zombie’s views on America from smartphones to police violence. This song tells of the “negatives”living in the United States and reveal deep truth about America today.

Vacation in Hell is a very unique album that is not afraid to tell the listener how it is. Flatbush Zombies have ALWAYS been known for being in your face and upfront with whatever it is they are rapping about. This sophomore album truly shines as there is not a weak point from start to finish! Not to mention the project is self-produced!. Sitting down and listening to it from start to finish is truly a “vacation”– however it is far from a hellish experience!



“U&I (feat. Dia)”

“Vacation (feat. Joey Bada$$)”

Greg’s Picks

“The Goddess”

“Reel Girls (feat. Bun B)”

“Leather Symphony (feat A$AP Twelvyy)”

“Crown (feat. Portugal, The Man)


“Big Shrimp”

Rating- 8/10



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