Welcome to Wildcat 91.9!

Here you will find all you need to know about underwriting and how to further support our station.

First, a little about us – Wildcat 91.9’s listening range spans from Wamego to Junction City with the K-State campus and Manhattan community in-between. On top of this, listeners may tune into the Radiowave app to listen to us where ever there is cellphone service or WiFi available. Wildcat 91.9 works both on the airwaves with alternative, hip-hop, jazz and specialty programs as well as live events.

Operating a student-run, non-profit radio station takes resources that are often limited. Underwriting is a creative way to monetarily support Wildcat 91.9 and our priorities of quality broadcasting and opportunities for students. Additionally, your business receives a unique edge as you reach a unique listener market.

Underwriting Basics

What we can do for you: We want our listeners to know who is supporting us in our music and event adventures. Underwriting is a tax-deductible way to support Wildcat 91.9 and everything we do.

Let’s say you own Betty’s Flowers and want to find a new, creative way to reach out to your target markets on campus and in the community. After contacting us with interest, our underwriting staff with put something like this together for a 15 second spot:

“The alternative hour on Wildcat 91.9 is brought to you by Betty’s Flowers: providing the community with fresh delivery of any shape and size arrangement for any time of year. More information can be found online at bettysflowers.com.”

Because we are a non-profit, there are some restrictions.

Things we can talk about: all of your business information (location, contact information, social media handles), specialty brands/products you’re promoting, dates of specific promotions you have going on.

Things we can’t talk about: Specific prices or percentage discounts (20% off all wine, $10 off your purchase), any qualitative words (the “best” selection in town, “largest” collection, “best” service—even though we all know those stand true for you guys.)

Contact Us

If you are interested, or want to have a conversation about our underwriting opportunities, please contact us.

Have an interest in supporting the station that is not on this page? Let us know! We are always looking for new ways to involve the community with our projects at the station.

Station Manager – Claire Todd