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cherry bombBefore you read the rest of this review I’d like you to do me a favor. Somehow get access to the song “Deathcamp”, put it on whatever mobile musical device you use, walk anywhere with the volume up, and try not to pretend you’re walking away from an explosion.

Tyler the Creator’s previous album, Wolf, features more than one track that I would consider to be among my favorite hip hop songs of all time. It was constantly swinging back and forth between deeply personal tracks, such as “48” and “Answer,” to wildly angry and violent tracks, like “Pigs” and “Thrashwang.” All of the songs on Wolf were fantastic in their own right, but never could perfectly meld together. Cohesively, it didn’t work as well as when listened to full than it did when listening to a couple of songs at a time. Regardless, I absolutely loved it.

When you play the first track to Tyler the Creator’s newest album, Cherry Bomb, you are immediately confronted by a track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The distorted pounding beat of “Deathcamp” coupled with Tyler’s boastful, furious lyrics sets the scene for everything else that is to come.

The next three tracks start to demonstrate what is so unique about Cherry Bomb, the mix. If you are looking for a cavalcade of clear and brilliant lyricism in Cherry Bomb, you’re not going to find it. Instead you are given a series of distorted driving beats that, at times, completely over take any vocals in the music; that is, for the first four tracks. “Find Your Wings” gives you a beautiful three minute interlude before the title track smacks you in the face.

As good as the first half of Cherry Bomb was, the album is definitely back loaded. “The Brown Stain of Dakeese Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix)” (feat. Schoolboy Q) kicks off a streak of four absolutely brilliant songs. A hilarious music video for “F*cking Young/Perfect” was released earlier last week, “Smucker” features one of the best Kanye verses (and lines from lil’ Wayne) I’ve heard in a while, and “Keep Da O’s​” is a captivating and almost otherworldly track featuring Pharrell.

Cherry Bomb may have found a solution to the few problems that I had with Wolf. It is loud, chaotic, and angry, but somehow manages to blend together better than any of Tyler the Creator’s previous albums. It always seems that a lot of people have heard a handful of songs from Tyler the Creator, but never a full album. The same thing will happen with Cherry Bomb. While I enjoyed every track on the album, some individual tracks stood head and shoulders above the rest.

By: Willy Evans

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