Ty Segall – Fudge Sandwich

Fudge Sandwich was created by California guitarist Ty Segall. Segall has created a breath-takin album of nostalgia that we can all enjoy. From artist and bands like War, Grateful Dead, Funkadelic, John Lennon and Neil Young, Fudge Sandwich has eleven cover songs of wonderful music.

Each song varies in a variety of genres such as punk and classic rock. As the title suggests, it’s messy, weird, and a little odd, but it’s actually filling if you’re in the mood for something new and exciting.

Segall takes 60s-70s boogie party songs and turns them into slow rock out and highly entertaining songs and vice versa, but he does keep them some songs in their same format, albeit with a bit of change. For instance, he took Spencer Davis Group’s “I’m a Man” and kept its guitar solos.

Other songs like Funkadelic’s “Hit it and Quit” is given a symphony of guitars, Grateful Dead’s “St. Stephen” is also full of guitar but respects the middle section of the song and slows down. Dils’ “Class War” is redone as more of a folk-rock song while still paying much attention to the original intent and weight of the original.

Ty Segall put this album out back in October and luckily it did not go unnoticed. His way of turning songs upside down and switching them up. Hopefully, the rest of the world can appreciate the change of pace of these exciting covers.

Final Review: 8/10

By Tristan Anderson

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