TV On The Radio – Seeds

After dealing with a traumatic loss of friend and fellow band member, Gerard Smith, TV On The RadiSeedso has returned with their fifth studio album, Seeds, which was released last November. Seeds picks up where Nine Types Of Light left off in 2011, providing a similar sound and feel to listeners. But after a more careful review, one can see how Seeds begins in a tough place; a place that dwells on loss and relationship woes. While these wounds are laid bare early on, the band moves from low to high as the album progresses. “Ride” is the transitional moment where the album metaphorically picks itself up off the floor and moves on. Lead singer, Adebimpe, sings “leave it behind, it’s time to ride,” and later he repeats, “think about the future.” It will be interesting to see what the future holds for these Brooklyn art rockers, as they continue their career. Proving they can overcome the toughest of challenges and continue being a true to form but still relevant rock giant in today’s increasingly diverse music world, it seems the future is bright, and “everything’s going to be okay,” as Adebimpe sings on “Trouble.” And to paraphrase “Seeds,” when the rain comes down as it always does, this time they’ve got seeds on ground.

By: Nick Fief

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