Toro y Moi – Outer Peace

We all know and commonly use the term “inner peace,” but what about “outer peace”? Not long ago, Toro y Moi released the album called Outer Peace. Each song in the album holds a futuristic sense to it. It sounds like robots created it.

A song I really liked was “Ordinary Pleasure.” It didn’t sound too over the top and instead held the same harmony the whole time like it was content. The lyrics “sometimes I don’t understand what I say,” are relatable. Especially if you’re a person who tunes yourself out like Kelly Kapoor.

Personally, I think too much is autotuned. The artist, Chaz Bear, has a voice that is barely recognizable and generic. During certain parts, the autotune was distracting. So distracting that I couldn’t understand the lyrics. One of the songs that holds true for this is “Baby Drive It Down For Me.” I had to look up the lyrics because it sounded like a different language. Like the artist was trying too hard to sound futuristic. I understand that’s his style, but it was too much.

While the album has a funky attitude, it’s engulfed and overwhelmed with electro-futuristic beats. Some songs don’t hold true to that like “Miss Me” and “New House.” Those two songs swing in with a hint of R&B that really settled down the entire album.

Overall, the album was okay at best. The lyrics aren’t anything groundbreaking, the sound isn’t anything outstanding, and Chaz doesn’t have a unique voice and doesn’t leave any unique messages to leave the listener to think about. The album is underwhelming in a sense.

Hits: “Miss Me”

Misses: “Baby Drive It Down For Me”

Rating: 5

By Tori Wiegers

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