Tori Kelly – Hiding Place

TK did it again but this time with the flair of a gospel choir. Tori Kelly has been known to have a beautiful voice and many have described it as angelic. While I can agree that the melodies and whistle note she has hit have been nothing short of God’s gift to earth, I never described her voice as angelic until now. 

Sophomore album Hiding Place is filled with many different classic sounds with the old school soul of church but a fresh spin. With Christian artists like Lecrae, Kirk Franklin and Jonathan McReynolds she developed the latest album of soul and gospel. Kelly made a surprising change from pop to gospel and while she has been very upfront about her faith, this album was unexpected by all fans.

“Help Us To Love” was first released as a single earlier this year but it was a great feeler for what fans should expect. And as she opens with “Masterpiece” featuring Lecrae, it was nothing short of a grand opening to her album. The beginning of the album was very upbeat and overtime in transitioned from jazz to pure gospel.

Songs that are a must listen would be “Help Us to Love” (The entire nation needs to hear this one), “Psalm 42,” “Questions” and “Soul’s Anthem (It Is Well).” 

This mix of pop and gospel allowed for Tori to thrive but also brought a new sound to a very repetitive culture. I would give Hiding Place a 10 out of 10.

By Laken Horton 

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