Tim Darcy – Saturday Night

Known to many as the frontman of indie rock band, Ought, Tim Darcy brings his unique vocals style across genres to this quirky alternative folk solo record. The record is on Jagjaguwar, home to some of music’s best releases in the past year including Angel Olsen’s MY WOMAN, Bon Iver’s 22, A Million, and Preoccupations’ self-titled record.

Darcy’s solo work is simpler in genre than Ought’s catalog. He often gives nods to ‘50s and ‘60s love songs with his brand of indie rock. He seamlessly transitions from somber to quirky, and the sound does a good job of maintaining its flow throughout the record without it getting dry. Knowing what Tim Darcy is capable from Ought’s records, I think it’s safe to say, although this is a fun project, we can fairly expect even better in the future (if he decides to explore his solo career further). Or will we get another Ought record in the next couple years? I’d be okay with that.

By: Dylan Swoyer

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