The Sounds of Many – Band Interview

Photo: The Sounds of Many band – Hear Zandt interview Lukas Hugunin about The Sounds of Many’s most recent single, Satisfied Valentine.

Zandt (00:00):

Wildcat 91.9, New music now, that was Enjoy the View by Papi Shiitake, And this is GEN Z in the morning. My name is Zandt, I’m Trey. And with us, we have got a special friend of mine. His name is Lucas. He is in The Sounds of Many, Lucas, can you hear me?

Lucas (00:16):

Hey, how are we doing today? *Zandt answers* I’m doing great. Thank you so much for having me on today. Zandt

Zandt (00:23):

Of course, of course. I’m happy to have you on, so who are The Sounds of Many for those out there who don’t know? I hear you guys kind of started out as a joke, but now, we’re actually, we’re doing things here.

Lucas (00:36):

Yeah. So the Sounds of Many initially started out as kind of a tongue in cheek deal because I self produced and self wrote all of the songs. However, in the formative years of the band, like around 2017, a couple of my friends really were interested and they were like, well, you should start playing this live. And if you’re going to play it live, then you need people. And then suddenly I had a five person band and I was like, Oh, wow. So now The Sounds of Many is kind of a little bit more apropos.

Zandt (01:10):

That’s cool. You mentioned playing live and, I’ve got to ask, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask this, but like, how has COVID been treating you? How has it been treating the rest of the band and just, how has it been treating, the music scene here?

Lucas (01:27):

Well, 2020 was a really difficult year. We’re nearing up on one year of not playing live music. The last show I played was March 12th at Auntie Mae’s actually, which was our album release party. So you know, to spend a year away from being up on stage and away from lights is very difficult at times.

Zandt (01:55):

It’s been really just obviously hard on the community. I’m happy that, you know, we talked about it earlier that Riley County is doing well with the vaccines, but I mean, obviously COVID has, you know, Manhattan is no different COVID has hit us hard.

Lucas (02:11):

Absolutely. I mean, the biggest thing for me in regards to like the last year, the music industry itself has suffered a major hit, in regards to like actually physically putting people in seats in shows and venues. So a lot of my favorite venues have struggled or they’ve closed the doors! Much like we’ve had a couple of restaurants and a couple bars that have had to close down here in town. So, people’s livelihoods [have suffered], not just my enjoyment of playing live music in front of an audience, it’s been a terrible year.

Zandt (02:55):

It really has been. I think, I think we all agree with that. Getting back to The Sounds of Many, I want to hear about this new single, can you tell me about it? What influences went into it? How did it come about things like that?

Lucas (03:13):

The last couple months have been listening to, a relatively eclectic menagerie of various artists, I just recently started actually listening to country for like the first time in my life. Not necessarily like pop country, but like genuine, hardworking country blues. And I think a little bit of that influenced it a little bit of maybe it’s the velvet underground and Nico.

Zandt (03:51):

I definitely heard, I told you last night, I heard a lot of the velvet underground in the new single, and I do like The Velvet Underground a lot.

Lucas (04:04):

As you should! I think everyone should have them in their record collection.

Zandt (04:07):

Uh, unfortunately I don’t, but you know, I’m just poor. *Lucas offers his copy* I appreciate that. Really quickly, before we get into the new song, where can people find you? Where can people follow the band, listen to the band stuff, uh, and get immersed into all things Sounds of Many.

Lucas (04:25):

Okay. So we actually, we have a Facebook, which is just The Sounds of Many on Facebook. You’ll notice it because there’s a little red origami bird on it. Same with my Instagram. It’s just at The Sounds of Many. And then we actually just started a YouTube channel where we’ll probably be releasing a lot more video style content in the near future, as we don’t necessarily know when we’ll be getting back into live music. And everybody has started to want to play physically together again. So I’m very excited about that.

Zandt (05:05):

I’m excited about that too. I can’t wait to see you guys play live whenever that might be. And we will definitely have to have you on again, cause I wanna hear about that time where you talked to the members of Ween that is just such a cool story!

Lucas (05:19):

I could probably talk for an hour about seeing Ween and his weird antics.

Zandt (05:24): We’ll talk about that another time right now, we are going to get into the new single by Sounds of Many. It is called Satisfied Valentine. Keep it here. This is Gen Z in the morning on Wildcat 919 New Music Now.

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