The Garage: La Guerre – Sapphires

laguerresapphiresKatlyn Conroy, better known for her musical moniker of La Guerre (French for “war”), is a electronic-pop singer-songwriter out of Lawrence, Kansas. Back in January, she released her second full-length album, Sapphires, that is emotionally resonant for listeners.

Compared to her previous album, Rare and Collectible Spirits, Sapphires is much less electronic. It is stripped down, which brings you closer to the music of La Guerre. The album begins with the track “Matthew.” Although extremely soft, this track sets the tone for the following ten songs. The vocals, which describe an escape, are backed by light sound effects over an electronic keyboard. This song leads into “Favored,” which, unlike “Matthew,” begins much stronger with an tinge of discontentment and bitterness. Yet it still manages to hold onto La Guerre’s simple poetism. “Cannonfire, Timpanis, Tires” (my favorite track off of the album) invokes a pop-like sound with its pounding bass and vocal tempo. Many of her songs, such as “Deadbolt” and “She Kept You”, address the topic of lost love that brings the listener deeper into the intimacy of Sapphires. The final track, “Rabbits,” brings the album to a close in the same way the listener entered, subtle yet enchanting. When the album comes to a close, you can’t help but feel a sense of camaraderie and understanding with La Guerre.

La Guerre is a powerful female vocalist who easily and beautifully creates vivid stories through intimate lyrics. She leaves her listeners desiring and demanding more.

By: Kari Bingham-Gutierrez

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