The Carters – APES**T Visual

The Carters released a LOVEHAPPY music video called APES**T, the  jaw dropping visualsecond track of the album EVERYTHING IS LOVE is a released via Tidal.

Beyoncé teamed up with Jay-Z, a black couple prospering in art expression, for a surprise release of a six minute video showing a glimpse of their power!

The video-masterpiece was shot at Musée du Louvre in Paris–the most visited museum in the world. Jay Z and Beyoncé’s unapologetic anthem celebrate their BLACK EFFECT in a riveting visual with several esoteric symbols, artistic movements & placements within the palace.

The first breathtaking visual was Beyoncé dancing in front of the Coronation of Napoleon painting. She synchronously dances with four women to each side of her .

Is the visual “twerking” an obiter dicta OR an equivocal art expression like others within the museum? And with the symbolism of Napoleon crowning himself Emperor of France in 1804– Are The Carter’s hinting at a coup d’état?

“I will never let you shoot the nose off my pharoah” said Beyoncé.

“Well there’s love of children, love of self, love of G-d, love of a partner….all of them have a different shape, but all of them is the same in the end. It’s about sensitivity, its about passion, its about …unconditional giving of self, to another person. And there’s Love of humanity. That’s the love that’s is, right now, needed most!”


The second visual that perhaps went over your head is when the bells ring mid video! Enters 13 different nude-complected bodies lined down the Daru Staircase and dancing synchronously towards the Hellenistic sculpture of Victory

What was the purpose of 13 women on the Escalier de la Victoire de Samothrace? 


The shocking visuals from Formation to Family Feud and now APES**T!!!

Check out the video below! SALUD!

By: LeAndre Carthen

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