The Black Album – Weezer

This American-Rock band was formed in 1992 in Los Angeles, California, and has since stayed in the popular crowd of music in America. Their song “Undone (The Sweater Song)” got them BIG back in 1994. They’ve got an edgy, deviant tune to all of their sounds without straying too far from the sound that will get stuck in everyone’s head. Just about every one of their releases has produced a couple top 40 hits.

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Weezer’s latest album released in March 2019 is titled Weezer (Black Album). The overall sound that we get from the album parallels some of their newest releases, which I just love. This group Weezer stays killing the game. In a sense, the wave that they’re on resembles a modern Beatles sound, while staying very relevant. They have songs that are a rollercoaster of instruments and melody drops, with some mild drug use innuendos, and some bumping beats.

Each track on the album has either an artistic tone; with some nonsensical lyrics and dreamy beats; or very clearly pop-feel with a catchy, head-bopping beat. For example, “Living in L.A.” sounds like it belongs on radio’s top 40, but I would not say that it is anywhere near my favorite from their work.

“The Prince Who Wanted Everything” and “Byzantine” show off Weezer’s impeccable storytelling skills. These songs really illustrate images for the listener which I think it one of Weezer’s greatest strengths. The album overall is great, and I highly recommend the listen. There aren’t two songs that are alike, but instead, are each their own individual pieces of work.

By Alyx Kemp

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