The Beths – Future Me Hates Me

On the tenth of August, The Beths released Future Me Hates Me, a very energetic yet easy-going 10 track album that you should definitely not sleep on if you are a fan of female-fronted indie bands such as Snail Mail and Alvvays. As the title suggests, the project is loaded with themes relating to self-consciousness, angst, and raw emotion. For a debut album, this New Zealand based-band really showed off their creative abilities, and displays some real potential moving forward. This thing is as well rounded as an album could hope to be. The hooks are catchy, the song structures are lively, the lyrics are well thought-out, and the overall listening experience is peacefully fulfilling. There aren’t many albums in rock out this year that you can say the same for. The opening track, “Great No One,” is an upbeat, animated, catchy af tune that will hook you instantly to the brand of music that The Beths are putting out to the world. The song many fool you with its giddy feel, but if you listen deeper you can hear The Beths introducing their depression themed lyrics that will be integrated sneakily in Future Me Hates Me. The title track keeps the good vibrations going, while not failing to stay true to their angsty approach. “Uptown Girl” is another enjoyable tune, which talks about a girl with a broken heart, who’s “going to drink the whole town dry.” “You Wouldn’t Like Me,” “Not Running,”  and “Little Death” are high energy tracks with possessing more of those ear-baiting hooks, while “Happy Unhappy” and “River Run: Lvl 1” give a more intimate listen, loaded with metaphors. “Whatever” brings the joyful energy back up for one final time before “Less Than Thou” finishes Future Me Hate Me in a satisfying manner. Overall, this album has the indie definition of spirit, with tracks that will stick to your brain like a tick on a sweaty horse. If I’m going to be entirely honest, as the album progresses some the tracks get pretty somewhat predictable. See, the Beths use a rather one-dimensional sound throughout (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) so when listening to the tracks independently, most are delightful, but when you listen to them back to back to back its easy for the sound to become redundant. Either way this is easily one of the best lo-fi indie rock albums to see 2018. The sky’s the limit for this band, and if they keep putting out projects like this, I predict them becoming a household name for all you indie luvers.

Rate- 7.5

Hits- “Great No One” “Uptown Girl” “Little Death” “Whatever”

Misses- “River Run: Lvl 1”

By: Daniel Lopez

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