Tacocat at Jackpot Saloon

The Jackpot is maybe my second favorite venue in Lawrence. It’s needs to be pretty full to enjoy a show, but you can always find something new and weird there. A few Saturdays ago, a few friends and I hopped in my car and drove to Lawrence to see the one and only Tacocat. Who is Tacocat you might ask? Click this link to check out their Bandcamp. We are kinda obsessed with them here at KSDB. I was extremely excited to see them live, but I had no clue how it was going to go. It took me a bit to warm up to the wild weirdness that is Tacocat’s sound, but now you can catch me humming along anytime it plays on our station or on my Spotify.

There were three openers for the show, but I missed the very first one, unfortunately. Wendy Moira (an LFK native) and Daddy Issues, a beautifully rough gem I didn’t anticipate to find were the two I had the pleasure to see. The girl power within these sets was palpable. I’ve seen Wendy Moira before and let me tell you, that girl is FIERCE. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I can see her appeal. Daddy Issues was much more my speed. Grungy, grimy, and feminist as hell. Their songs were poppy, but a force to be reckoned with and I found myself movin’ to the music.

And then Tacocat. I have loved Tacocat from the minute I heard them, always finding their songs stuck in my head. Their bubble gum pop-punk is infectious and the room was buzzing with excitement.Tacocat came up on stage and looked like colorful aliens. Multi-colored hair and outfits like they had just whizzed through a thrift shop. Bathed in pink and purple lighting, they tore through their set list, playing fan favorites, such as “FDP” and “I Hate the Weekend”, and more obscure ones. Their songs ranged from topics such as periods, catcalling, horses, Dana Scully from X-Files, and so much more. This show appealed to everyone in the audience. There’s just something special about a group of weirdos embracing their weirdness and turning it into phenomenally catchy music. They introduced each one of their songs with a little intro in the quirkiest way possible. I was entranced by their personalities almost as much as their music.They finished the night with UTI, an homage to an issue women face all too often. Screaming the lyrics about something so taboo to talk about, Tacocat never takes the easy way out. I had this song stuck in my head for way too long after and would find myself having to not sing it while in polite company.

I would highly recommend seeing a Tacocat show live. It is unique and something you can truly only experience once. This does not mean I will never see them again, because roadtrips are fun and Tacocat is great,but my first Tacocat LIVE experience was something I will never forget. They exceeded any and all expectations I would’ve wanted in their performance.

By: Bridget Lynch

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