SXSW Update

KSDB’s Joey Wenberg and Alec Khoury are in Austin covering the SXSW music/film/social/everything festival in Austin, TX. They’ll be providing updates throughout the week, and a full recap at the festival’s conclusion.


There isn’t another experience out there quite like SXSW. In just two days of the music portion of the festival, it’s become clear what keeps people coming back year after year—complete immersion. This is a festival that requires you to completely immerse yourself in the culture, the city, the shows and your fellow festival goers.

We’ve only been here for a few days, but in the time we’ve been here and the bands that we’ve seen, more often than not we’ve been able to meet or hang out with them. It doesn’t matter if they’re local, national, or even international—they spend time with the fans and make the experience about more than just the record or the concert.

The hardest part about the festival itself is the scheduling. You have to pick and choose and decide if you should see Incubus or Passion Pit, because they’re scheduled for the exact same time. The festival is merciless to the first-year attendee who didn’t schedule their week ahead. Even a seasoned attendee can get a wrench thrown into their plans because of the admittedly awesome, but slightly stress-inducing surprise shows that are thrown into the mix each year. If there is one silver lining to the scheduling, it’s that you can’t go wrong with whomever you choose. The sheer amount of talent at this event is astounding, and whether it’s an official event hosted by the festival, or a small band with hardly any following from Missouri, you’re going to discover something you’ve never experienced before.

By: Jordan Swoyer

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