Student Body President Campaign Breakdown

The 2015-2016 K-State Student Governing Association Student Body Presidential race is winding to an end. The Hurtig/Tinker and  Bahr/Tobaben campaigns are gathering votes in preparation for the election that starts Tuesday.

For those of you who don’t yet know who to vote for, here’s a breakdown of the two campaigns based off of interviews with the pairs.


Andy Hurtig and Joe Tinker are the SGA veterans.  Hurtig has 3 terms of SGA experience, while Tinker has 2 terms of experience.  The pair is running on three platforms:  The student Success Collaborative, the Open Textbook Initiative, and the Co-Curricular Involvement Tracker.

The Student Success Collaborative would be like an interactive DARS report where students could easily keep track of where they are with their degree and help when students change majors.

The Open Textbook Initiative would encourage professors to offer textbooks or non-traditional learning materials for free or a reduced cost.

The Co-Curricular Involvement Tracker would serve to track a student’s involvement at K-State through OrgSync.  It would serve as an addition to a resume when applying for jobs, internships, or scholarships.

Social Media Score:

Twitter: 417 followers

Facebook: 413 likes



Bahr and Tobaben make up the Dark Horse portion of the race.  These write-in candidates went from not even running to securing a spot in the top two in less than 24 hours.  The SGA outsiders are running on two platforms: Pillar Removal and Raising Awareness.

The Pillar Removal platform is specifically talking about the removal of the pillar in the basement of the student union that is right in front of the Subway restaurant.

The pair of candidates want to raise awareness for what the Student Governing Association does for campus.  They hope to build a future where a primary election system reduces the number of potential campaigns.

They also promote puppies, ponds, and purple.

Social Media Score:

Twitter: 69 followers

Facebook: 67 likes


No matter which campaign you prefer, the only way to make K-State a better place is to vote.  Polls open Tuesday at noon and close Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

Voting takes place on the SGA election website. Only K-State students are eligible to vote.

If you would like to know more about the campaigns, check out their social media.

Facebook pages:

Hurtig and Tinker

Bahr and Tobaben

Twitter accounts:

Hurtig and Tinker

Bahr and Tobaben

By: Anthony Williams

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