Stik Figa – Central Standard Time

Among hip hop artists in northeast Kansas and the greater Kansas City area, John Westbrook Jr. has quickly risen towards the top. He continues to prove himself as a lyricist and MC. His latest project features contributions from big names in the game like L’Orange and Homeboy Sandman. Some noteworthy local flavor comes from BLK FLANL’s producer, D.Will (with MC, Barrel Maker) and CJ Calhoun’s (formerly of Cowboy Indian Bear) solo project, Bonzo Madrid.

With so much talent surrounding an already talented rapper, it’s no surprise that we
got a great piece of art from the Topeka artist, Stik Figa. He’s got bars. One of the best tracks on the project features brilliant production from L’Orange, non-stop flow from Stik Figa, and a catchy as hell hook.

Something that seems to stand out about hip hop from around this area is that it focuses on past experiences of the artists and a positive outlook on life despite difficult circumstances. If you’re looking to take a bigger dip into local hip hop, Stik Figa is the perfect place to start. Himself and artists like Ebony Tusks, BLK FLANL, and others have a real message – if you’re willing to listen.

By: Dylan Swoyer

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