Staff Spotlight: Gregory Houser

Name: Gregory Houser

Greg Houser

Twitter: @GregKSU1027

Position at Wildcat 91.9: Website Director

Year in School: Junior

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Mulvane, KS

How did you get involved with Wildcat 91.9?

I got involved at Wildcat 91.9 through a friends recommendation and from attending shows in the Manhattan area I was told to stop by and take a tour, then I applied for a staff position last spring so the rest is history.

What does your job entail?

Updating the website plug-ins and wordpress as needed, I have also started dabbling in the actual engineering here at the station so whatever goes wrong at the station either mechanically or electronically might be fixable by yours truly.

Favorite part about the job?

All of the crossover. You will find that we do more with less and everyone knows how to do most of everything. All of the staff would try to help me in anyway when I started at the station. They will put you in a position to be successful and will help you do so any way possible.

Biggest goal this semester?

Listen to more music!

3 albums you have in your rotation right now?

Ceramic Animal-The Horse One of my favorites from last fall, has a California Desert rock feel to it which i’m here for.

Spud Cannon-Squeeze Have you heard their rendition of Funkytown? Oh yeah the rest of the album is pretty cool too.

Deer Tick- Mayonnaise Pounding drums and catchy riffs what more do you want? Check em out!

Fun fact about yourself?

I can fix anything on a car or motorcycle with the proper tool/parts. 

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