Staff Spotlight: Erica Haake

Name: Erica Haake
Position at KSDB: Music Assistant
Year in School: Junior
Major/Minor: Architectural Engineering
Hometown: Olathe, KS

How did you get involved with KSDB?
Funny story, actually. I had been the Sunday morning jazz DJ for about a month when the staff had announced in class that they were looking for a new music assistant. Me being me I wanted to get more involved and thought this would be a great volunteer group to join. Turns out I had accidentally applied for a job as the new music assistant and have been in the position ever since.

What exactly does your job entail?
My job is pretty much exactly as it sounds. I assist the music director in deciding what music should be going on for airplay, editing music, and help set up for our classroom series’ and other events going on within the station.

Favorite part about your position? Or the station?
My favorite part about this job has got to be the fact that it combines two of my favorite things: great people and awesome music.  The people I work with are truly amazing and are extremely fun to work with.  The music also rocks. KSDB has introduced me to so many new artist that I would have never even heard of if it weren’t for them.

What’s your biggest goal for the semester?
My biggest goal with this semester is to help out with our Classroom Series performances and to help out the rest of the staff whenever needed. I would really like to try doing on air ticket giveaways.

Give us 3 albums or artists you’ve been vibing with lately.
Lately, I have been listening to a little bit of everything but these are a few artists I have been excessively listening to.
Bon Iver – For Emma is one of my favorite albums by Bon Iver. I listen to him just about every night before going to bed.
Cass McCombs – Cass McCombs is firkin bomb. I love listening to him he has a bit of a laid back alternative rock sound. I really enjoy his newest album Mangy Love everyone should definitely go check that out.
The War on Drugs – The War on Drugs has always been one of my favorite indie groups. They are perfect to listen to on any given day, especially rainy days. One of my favorite albums by them is Lost in A Dream.

And, what is an interesting fact about you?
Hmmm, well if you know me one interesting thing about me is that I travel a lot. I have been out of the country eight times, so I mean that is pretty cool!

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