Staff Spotlight: David Dougherty

Name: David Doughertydavid2
Twitter: @deeds_94
Position at KSDB: Promotions Co-Director
Year in School: Junior
Major/Minor: Chemical Engineering / Chemistry
Hometown: Shawnee, KS

How did you get involved with KSDB?
In my first semester at K-State I enrolled in MC 165 to DJ with a friend who invited me to co-host a hip-hop show with him. We’re now both on executive staff, and be sure to tune-in to 91.9 on Wednesdays at 8pm or listen from our app or online.

What exactly does your job entail?
As the Promotions Co-Director, my Co-Director and I split the load of promoting the station and our partner organizations. My portion of the Directorship deals with events and partnerships. I communicate with organizations to orchestrate partnerships and obtain promotional merchandise for giveaways. I am also in charge of planning events and contacting the necessary organizations to make the events happen.

Favorite part about your position? Or the station?
My favorite part of my position is being involved in so many events on and off campus and getting to work with a lot of people. My favorite part of the station is that it allows any student to get involved and is a great way to meet a diversity of people you might not have if you didn’t get involved.

What’s your biggest goal for the semester?
My biggest goal for the semester is to make as many people as possible aware of 91.9 KSDB and what is we are/do.

Give us 3 albums or artists you’ve been vibing with lately.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Logic and Schoolboy Q. Logic’s Bobby Tarantino is probably my favorite album of the year so far. Chance the Rapper’s Colouring Book has grown on me with each listen I’ve given it. I’m anticipating some alternative releases from bands I’ve been a fan of for years now, Saint Motel, Starf*cker, and Grouplove.

And, what is an interesting fact about you?
An interesting fact about me is that one of my favorite hobbies is hiking and this past summer I was able to hike four fourteeners in one weekend trip in Park County Colorado. The four summits I reached were on Mts. Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross.

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