Spud Cannon – Squeeze

Spud Cannon is a band of five musicians who know how to rock. The band originally started off with playing at house shows. It didn’t take them long to win Vassar College’s Battle of the Bands. After, they flew to Los Angeles to record their debut record. The rest is history.

“Squeeze” was released on November 27th. It quickly became the number one most added album in the NACC chart for national college radio. Needless to say, this is a great album to listen to. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves upbeat and soulful songs.

The song called “The Lucky Ones” made me want to get out of my room and take in the outside. It held a hint of the pulsating drum. It sounded like something Rob Thomas would sing. It was soulful. There was also the classic-finger picking, string-licking guitar.

Meg Matthews, the singer, nailed the cover of Lipps Inc’s “Funky Town.” The song caused somewhat of an echo. She enunciated perfectly into the microphone and sounded like she was having a genuinely great time while doing so.

For the entire album, it was obvious that all five members reveled in each other’s abilities. The album was smooth and flowed. Ben played the drums with a quiet kind of rhythm you don’t often see in drummers. His drumheads could have been china plates. Jackson plucked and twanged on guitar. Most importantly, their voices resonated with each other’s.

Hits: “The Lucky Ones” “Funky Town” “Taken For Granted”

Misses: “Time Only Shows”

Rating: 9

By Tori Wiegers

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