Slothrust – The Pact

The Pact is Slothrust’s fourth album. “Double Down” was a good opener and ended up being one of my favorite songs on this album. It kind of disappointed me when I realized that the rest of the album wasn’t like the firsts song. “Double Down” has an electric tone to it and even has a drum.

“Peach” started a little quiet. As time went by, it grew louder. That was gradual, so I appreciated it. This song in particular has a lot of vocals.

“Planetarium” is also up there for my favorites. Probably because it has a mean guitar and the singer is talented. The guitar solo is smooth and rocks out at sporadic times.

The first three songs really killed it, but then it went downhill.

Overall, this album was decent at best. The vocalist, Leah, sang very well. The band performed beautiful harmonies and melodies at times. At points, there were structured notes.

Slothrust made music that sounded like they made it. However, I didn’t feel much emotion in their songs since the majority of them sounded the same. It felt like they want to grab you through their vocals only. They even mixed it up by including a horn section and a keyboard. I can’t help but think that Slothrust can take what they do that one step farther on their next release since there’s much room to improve.

I wouldn’t recommend this band and album, but if you’re bored out of your mind, maybe give it a listen.

Hits: “Double Down” “Peach” “Planetarium”

Misses: “On My Mind” “Some Kind of Cowgirl” “New Red Pants”

Rate: 5

By Tori Wiegers

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