Send Medicine – Mermaids On The Verandah

The sophomore album from Los Angeles based band Send Medicine, was released on July 27th, 2018. Entitled Mermaids on the Verandah, this nine-track album showcases some of the best psychedelic sounds since the 1970s. This album was made for their fans as some of it was funded by fans through and Indiegogo page to keep production on the album moving. The sounds on the album compared to their debut showcases a more defiant sound and show the Send Medicine knows their sound and is ready to run with it.

The opening track “Corduroy” sets the tone for the album. In fact, the first two opening numbers, “Corduroy” and “Comes Home Late Again” are probably the strongest songs in the whole album for me. While Send Medicine is a self-claimed Rock and Roll band, I would assert that after listening to this album they have a more pop-folk sound. A sound that instantly transports me, and I assume other listeners, back in time to the not only to the sixties and seventies but across the pond to the “British Invasion” sound that occurred after the success of The Beatles.

Having said that, the album lives in this paradox of being very different but very similar. While I find the band a breath of fresh air, almost all the songs seem to have the same formula. A long instrumental opening followed by soft-raspy vocals. “Courtney” and “My Baker” the third and fourth tracks sound remarkably similar and that’s where some of my problems with this album lie. However, the biggest problem for me is due to the song lengths. I can appreciate a ballad as much as the next person but for nearly every song to be over five minutes long is a bit much to me. A nine-track album that’s run time is forty-four minutes means lots and lots of long songs over five minutes long which to a casual listener can be off-putting.

The standout track for me on this album was “Shake Me Too”. While this was one of the only acoustic sounding songs it transported me back to the pop-rock sounds of the seventies and seems like the perfect song to drive to and get lost with your friends with. The final track “Harvest Man” gives off the same vibes with its folksy sound.

Overall, if you are a fan of Simon and Garfunkel, The Mamas and Papaps, or Crobsy, Stills, and Nash than this album is perfect for you. It brings back the sounds of the seventies in a new and unique way that is not often heard today. While the songs in the middle tend to produce the same sounds and the runtime of the total album is longer than most nine-track albums, this is solid second album from the band.

Hits- “Shake Me Too” “Harvest Man” “Corduroy” “She Believes in the Devil”

Misses- “Courtney” “My Baker”

Overall- 8/10

By Emma Carter

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