Ain’t Going Back – Russ

Underrated rapper Russ is talking his sh*t and addressing the hate he receives in his new song AINT GOIN BACK.

Critics have been saying that “Russ can’t rap” “russ sings too much” and on this song Russ fires back with straight bars!

The intro to the song Russ says,

“Ain’t no fucking way I’m going back…”

and continues into the chorus where he says, “I ain’t going back to when there was no Russ, just Russell…”

Russell is his real name, Russ being his moniker, he’s saying he’s not going back to before he was famous. He’s here now and not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Russ going into verse one and says “ I go harder than most of yall/ if one of y’all died I wouldn’t toast to y’all…” addressing the haters that say that he cannot rap and saying that he’s raps harder/ a better rapper than most of the people out. And there are some out there that he wouldn’t even give a toast for if they died. In the same verse he says,

“Now I’m more tapped into my comments, than I should be/ I admit that, so f*ck y’all give me my d*ck back…”

Russ sees the comments and all the hate he’s given but is saying “f*ck y’all” to the ones that are sending it.


The second verse starts off just as fire as the the beginning of the song and the first verse. He starts by saying one of the most impactful things in the culture today, “Who’s in my league? Not you. Who makes their own beats? Not you. Who writes your hooks? Not you…” In this day and age a lot of people are out here making money for something they did not create. Russ is saying “i do it all” Russ writes his own raps, makes his own beats, and is in his own league. There are little to no one in this generation that is writing their raps, let alone making and producing a song all alone.

After all the hate and putting out 11 mixtapes in about two and half years, Russ is still going strong and staying consistent. He’s saying “f*uck y’all” and is going to keep doing his thing on his own.

To me Russ deserves that respect and this song for me a SOLID. 8/10

By: Isaiah Cubit

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