Roger Waters – Is This The Life We Really Want?

I listened to Roger Waters’ new album Is This The Life We Really Want? , and I simply found it incredible. The former bassist and songwriter of Pink Floyd released what is easily one of my favorite albums so far this year. This album is politically and socially charged and although Waters no longer wants anything to do with Pink Floyd the album still manages to bring that same spacious synth sound that helped to solidify the progressive rock pioneers sound.

The second song off the album “Deja Vu” touches on a subject that we all have felt at some point what we’d do if we were God. He mentions in the song about if he were God he would have made us less prone to ageing make us less likely to get drunk and he would not have allowed romans to kill his only begotten son. Its an intimate song that includes acoustic guitar, strings, and piano. “The Last Refugee” starts off with the various old recordings of news and weather reports very reminiscent to Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them”. A beautiful drum beat plays steadily along with piano and synth cutting in at different moments. Roger’s vocals are simply amazing on this track.This track is a beautiful mix vocals, drums, synth, and piano. “Picture That” takes the listener away from the close intimate style that the first two songs had. It has a beautiful synth that creates this spacious soundscape that one can expect from Waters. He lists off things to picture ,and there is a part in the song when he asks to picture a leader that has no f***king brains. The title track “Is This The Life We Really Want?” is undoubtedly politically and socially charged. The songs starts off with a recording of Donald Trump. Roger sings about the election of Trump and the xenophobic views that many share towards foreigners.

This album is definitely fitting for any fan of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters as a whole. This album ultimately showcases Roger Waters as more than just a mere rock star , but a poet inspired to write about issues of today’s current times.

By: Clinton Willis

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