Riverfront Jazz Festival – 2017 Labor Day Weekend

I had the pleasure of visiting Dallas, TX for Labor Day Weekend.

Erykah Badu

I am a huge fan of Erykah Badu and I have not seen her live, so I began my quest to see her artistry live. Badu is a native of Dallas, and I learned she would be stopping in September 1st on her Badu vs Everythang Tour 2017 A.D.

I decided to purchase my ticket for her day, and I bought my flight tickets during a four-day special sale (s/o to Southwest Airlines). So at this time I’m excited to finally see Erykah Badu live but I know the weekend will have other artist for the weekend. Some other artists that attended the 1st Annual Riverfront Jazz Festival included: Ruben Studdard, Melanie Fiona, Keiko Matsui, Najee, Freda Payne, Jon Secada, Kim Waters and Phil Perry. The festival was hosted by The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc. (TBAAL).

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Kim Waters

As time got closer to festivities I began the social media share contest sponsored by Visit Dallas. I tweeted numerous times about the event and shared with them on my twitter whom I was excited to see perform. I knew when they would announce the contest winners on twitter–so i looked and I did not see anything mentioned. Later that day I checked my mentions and Visit Dallas told me to “check my DM’s :-)”

I won tickets for the whole weekend! S/O  to Visit Dallas for sending me tickets to enjoy the weekend of festivities!

Erykah Badu kicked off the event Friday on the Jazz Stage. She performed my favorite “Sugar Free” by Juicy and numerous classics such as “Tyrone” and “Didn’t Cha Know”.

She tours with her younger sister Nayrok  1 out of 4 of her background vocalist.

Phil Perry

Her whole band is phenomenal and her other background vocalist Durand Bernarr is a beast! I’m glad I was able to get the funky production and jam session on video.

On Sunday, Melanie Fiona and Ruben Studdard graced the Blues and Soul Stage with their Grammy nominated songs. To close the night and weekend “Jazzin’ with Kim Waters and Phil Perry” was an excellent performance. This festival was awesome! I will be seeing about attending again next year. My experience was memorable and I am grateful to have experienced these beautiful artist in Dallas.


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