Review: Danny Brown – “Dirty Laundry”

Review by Claire Todd

This September, Danny Brown finally ended the wait for new music with his single, produced by hip hop legend Q-tip, Dirty Laundry. On Spotify, it’s already accumulated over one million streams and the video has over 959,000 views. To say Brown has made an explosive comeback is an understatement.

Immediately we are smacked with a chaotic beat. While it initially sounds busy, the high and low ends are balanced well so the beat doesn’t sound messy or in-deliberate. Another interesting characteristic is the delayed start of the bass and drums in the song. It adds anticipation and effectively builds the intensity of the song. Even when Brown isn’t rapping, the music is holding our interest.

Lyrically, Brown has mastered his references. David Ruffin of the Temptations, Scotty from Star Trek, Biblical Daniel, and several cleaning products all made their way into the song via wordplay. The rhythm of Brown’s rap has a pleasant unpredictability which contrasts nicely with the metric simplicity in the beat. Brown’s signature bouncy voice is also well featured in this song.

Dirty Laundry commits to it’s aesthetic. The vaporwave visuals in the album art and video make their way into the sound of the song. Everything sounds deliberate and well thought out. In the end, Dirty Laundry doesn’t quite match up to the quality of his older material, but it proves to be a great start for his new music.

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