Psychic Heat – Sunshower

In a year where we have received full-length albums from Your Friend, Fullbloods, Nicholas St. James, and more, it has been a great year for local music. One of KSDB’s biggest supporters out of Lawrence, Psychic Heat, is no exception. Their debut LP, Sunshower, was in the works for several years and was long anticipated by all those connected to the local music scene in northeastern Kansas. Psychic Heat is signed to Kansas City label, High Dive Records, also home to Shy Boys, Fullbloods, The Conquerors, Rooftop Vigilantes, and more.

Sunshower is home to many tracks that live music-goers in Lawrence have already been familiar with. It is beautiful to hear all of them together on a record for the first time after their debut EP, Lighter & Brighter, which was released in March 2015.12512390_463066363885411_9169242935134708583_n

The record covers everything from slow and deliberate (with the opener, “Anxiety Eater”), to fast-paced and loud. It’s a very unique brand of psychedelic fuzz rock that just screams Psychic Heat. I always like to pick out one track that I would point to and just say it embodies everything about that artist. For Psychic Heat, I think that’s “Elixir,” a single that was released early for streaming on Stereogum. When you hear this track performed live, it can be hard to feel anything besides the sound. It just overtakes you.

Sometimes you have an album that has “no skips.” These are not common. I think Psychic Heat has that here in Sunshower. It can be hard to not listen to the whole album all at once if you start from the beginning. No two tracks are alike, and they are all nearly equally fun for different reasons. Tracks 5 and 6, “Des Tortion” and “In Two” may be the two most fun songs to see performed live (and listen to the recorded versions). For awhile, “In Two” would often close out Psychic Heat sets as the finale, and if you listen to it, you can really see why that is.

All of Psychic Heat’s music can now be streamed on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp. Sunshower was released on May 27th, and you can hear music from the album on KSDB’s own airwaves during the alternative rotation.

By: Dylan Swoyer

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