Specialty Shows

Specialty shows are students’ opportunity outside of the traditional rotation to hand-craft an hour of programming fit to their unique passions and educate you, the listener. Spanning a broad range of topics, our programming has something for everyone.

Our current specialty shows include:

Every Weekday

Jax n’ Max in the Morning (7:00-9:00am)

Start your mornings off right with news, music, games, and much more. Jax n’ Max in the Morning — hosted by Jackson Berland and Max Lansdowne — brings you into the best conversations in the Little Apple.

Text Us on the Morning Show! Wildcat 91.9 Text Line: (516) 494-0919

Tea Time with Hella Bella (4:00-5:00pm)

Take the focus off your daily commute and settle down with Hella Bella as she brings you all the essentials. From news to weather to all the hot sauce you could ask for, Tea Time will get you home in one piece.

Sports Talk (6:00-7:00pm)

Keep up with everything K-State, Kansas City, and sports around the globe with fresh commentary daily on Sports Talk. With different hosts each day, there are no shortage of hot takes, laughs, and even occasional analysis.

Monday – Thursday

The Slump Celebration (1:00-2:00pm)

Have your hit your mid-day slump? Well I’ve got news for you, most of us have. Tune in with Jackson every afternoon as he brings you vibrant, celebratory, and energizing handpicked music to give you that auditory shot of energy you need to make it through your day.

Have something to offer? Call in to the station at 795-532-0919 to talk with Jackson about anything from Doomsday to Disneyland.


Shadow Kansas (1:00-2:00pm)

Tune in every week as Jackson speaks with Kansas affiliated artists, storytellers, and folks with strong voices for their community about what they do and why they do it. Shadow Kansas aims to unveil the profound and powerful people that showcase what makes Kansas such a special place to be.

**Shadow Kansas Teaser**

The Vibe Check (4:00-5:00pm)

Zach Perez is bringing you only the best of vibes with his Psychedelic Rock show highlighting retro and modern rock a like. Tune in as Zach features music festival oriented artists as well as the cultural significance surrounding the rise and growth of Psychedelia and its impact on the music industry as a whole.


**No Shows Currently Running**

Interested in hosting your own show? Apply to be a DJ here!


**No Shows Currently Running**

Interested in hosting your own show? Apply to be a DJ here!


**No shows currently running**

Interested in hosting your own show? Apply to be a DJ here!


Classroom Series (~5:00pm)

Tune in to 91.9 on select Fridays for live, in-studio performances from local artists.

**Not Currently Running due to COVID-19 regulations**


Hella Bella’s Hype Hour (One Hour Prior to Sporting Event)

The wonderful Hella Bella guides you through a hand picked selection of songs and other gameday related entertainment to give you the perfect pregame experience. Tune in from your couch, from your tailgate, or even from the stands as Hella Bella brings you the hype!