Program Feature: What’s Happening in Your World?

what'shappeningErica Sponberg is a PhD student in the College of Education. She hosts What’s Happening In Your World?, a specialty program focusing on public affairs on campus and in the surrounding community. You can hear the show every Sunday at 4:00.


How would you describe your program to a new listener?

I like to think of What’s Happening as a casual interview show. I talk to people in the community, and they share their experiences and the music that inspired those experiences.

How did you get started with college radio? With KSDB?

When I was an undergrad, I used to do video work and news story writing for my university TV station, but it didn’t put me close enough to music or people; there is an honesty about radio that doesn’t exist with television. When I got to graduate school, I decided to join the radio station and finagled my way into doing a late night show where I interviewed friends and played music they liked or were making. My dad also had a show on our community station reading classic American stories. After some time, I moved back home and got involved there by interviewing international community members about their music, culture, and folktales.

When I was accepted at K-State, I checked out KSDB online and liked the music I heard. I knew it would be a way for me to meet like minded people and maintain a creative outlet outside of my coursework, so I sought it out.

How has the program changed since you started it?

Originally I wanted a story-telling element to it, where a guest reads something that was meaningful to them, or to their experience. I’ve found most people don’t like reading aloud, or just aren’t interested. They love talking about their favorite artists, though. Now, I just try to get them to share anecdotes.

What is your favorite part of doing What’s Happening in Your World?

It’s been pretty cool seeing semi-serious individuals discuss their love of Rush. As the show goes on, you can see them soften and open up – and when they open up we get to hear first hand information about content we wouldn’t normally be exposed to. I learn a lot from my guests, and they usually leave saying, Hey that was fun! I’ve also gotten to meet people from different departments, and from the outside of K-State that I would have never met otherwise.

Do you see any future in radio after school? Public radio?

I hope so; that’s the plan anyway. I’d love to be a part of a small local station. No matter where I end up, I’ll seek it out. It’s too much fun not to.

By: Jordan Swoyer

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