Program Feature: Movie Madhouse

Willy Evans is a graduated senior in Journalism and Mass Communications. Kari Bingham-Gutierrez is a graduated senior in English. They host the Movie Madhouse, a show focused on film reviews and discussions. You can hear the show every Sunday at 5:00.

How would you describe your program to a
new listener?

Willy – The Movie Madhouse is a show dedicated to exploring movies both as works of art and entertainment. We tend to be very eclectic in our movie choices. One week we’ll talk about the latest Marvel movie, and the next we’ll talk about the work of Wong Kar Wai or David Cronenberg. We try to avoid giving simple reviews (thumbs up, thumbs down, star ratings, etc.), but instead try to center our show around discussion.

How did you get started with KSDB?

Kari – Like many students, I brought my car with me to college my Freshman year. Most of the stations I listened to back home didn’t work in Manhattan, so I tried to find something new. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon 91.9. Through the station and friends in JMC classes, I learned that I could be on the radio, too. However, since I’m extremely timid and shy, it took me about three semesters to actually enroll in the class. It’s been the best experience I’ve had at K-State. 

Willy – I had heard people talk about KSDB in a lot of the JMC classes I was taking. After trying, and not particularly enjoying, other student media groups on campus I joined KSDB, and immediately wanted to get involved in as many ways as possible. It felt like the only place on campus where you could truly follow your passions.

How many movies do you two watch per week?

Kari – For the show, I watch an average of four movies a week. Some weeks, though, we will have seven movies to watch. It just depends on how motivated Willy and I that week. Some of the marathons we do can really drain us. Outside of the show, I will watch another two or three movies a week. 
You two have both graduated, what does the future hold for KSDB?
Willy – Kari and I will be handing the reigns off to another KSDB member who has been a guest on the show a number of times. Once we’re gone it will become his show.
Kari and I still plan to continue making the show on our own, though. We recently started making all of our episodes available online through iTunes or Podbean, and are going to continue making the show as long as we can. You can also follow us on twitter.
What are your favorite movies that you never would have watched if the show didn’t exist?
Kari – 
1. Syndecdoche, New York
2. Le Samourai
3. The Kid with a Bike
4. I Killed My Mother

5. Boy

Willy –
1. A Separation
2. Your Sister’s Sister
3. Seven Samurai
4. In the Mood for Love
5. Neighbors
 By: Jordan Swoyer

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