Tyler, The Creator ft. A$AP Rocky – POTATO SALAD

Tyler: “That’s hot and horny.”

A$AP (to Tyler): “Don’t say sh*t like that.”

Shot directly in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris’ Champ de Mars, Tyler and A$AP tease their upcoming WANG$AP collaboration with a freestyle over Monica’s 2003 hit “Knock Knock” (a beat notably co-produced by Kanye West and Missy Elliott).

Tyler brings his usual euphoric and borderline eccentric spirit as he rides around on a BMX bike. A$AP comes with his trademark Pretty Boy Flocko drip.

The video doesn’t lack energy or animation– both metaphorically and literally. Animated lyrics appear on the screen as the artists spit them out. There’s also a random Jaden Smith cameo (no verse).

“Potato Salad” is shot and produced by A$AP’s creative team: AWGE (what the acronym stands for is still unknown).

Both Tyler and Rocky show their wordplay ability and lyrical prowess on “Potato Salad“.

Tyler alludes, is his verse, to how people don’t take him seriously. He proceeds to put together one of his best verses;

“And got a belt with the holster, I ain’t playing games / But got some lil’ ni**as who would do it so I pass the controller / You get pressed and X out, tri-angle your nose / Pause your life if you squares try to mess with my O’s, whoa.”

On the following verse we hear Rocky take a possible jab at XXL’s Freshman Class;

“Then I think about the state of rapping, all the freshmans in the classes / All the super seniors mumblin’ and ramblin’ / Mumblin and rappin’, mumble rapping? / I find it hard to find actual talent / I find it hard to find an actual challenge.”

There’s no shortage of quotable bars in each verse. As of now, there’s no release date for WANG$AP.

There’s no question the chemistry on “Potato Salad” can carry over to the album, it will be special.

By: Dallas Coronado

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