Post Malone – Stoney

White Iverson was released on YouTube on July 19, 2015 and since then has accumulated more than 260 million views. Post Malone was an absolute nobody in 2015 and in 2017 that is still largely the case. His debut album Stoney was released last December just four months ago. It’s an album with some decent beats, some catchy lyrics, and some sort of a message. Since White Iverson, Post has accumulated a large audience of both haters and fans, and to his credit he didn’t let down either group with Stoney.

I think the album can be divided into songs that deserve to be on any party playlist, unique interesting songs where Post’s softer side emerges, and bad filler songs that all sound the same. Stoney is not some monumental work, it doesn’t advance a message or add much to hip hop. I will argue that the album does more than most critiques think.

On the surface the only saving grace of Stoney are party songs “Congratulations”, “White Iverson”, and “Too Young”. Any aspiring DJ, frat guy with the aux cord, or hip hop listener needs to listen to these songs. They are shallow “we made it let’s party now” type songs, but after releasing “White Iverson” that is exactly what many of Post’s fans demanded, party songs to vibe out to. But Post Malone’s introduction to music didn’t start with exposure to hip hop and dabbling in making his own beats.

Post Malone’s music inspiration is much more varied than most modern hip hop artists. He loves and draws inspiration from heavy metal to country to R&B, this blending of passion shines through in his album. This is the hidden gem of Stoney, the songs with softer acoustic tunes that almost have a folk sound to it. “Feeling Whitney” is an example that Post Malone is musically varied and gifted. It is honestly a beautiful song that is a refreshing change up from the typical party hip hop found throughout Stoney. Songs like “Feeling Whitney” are why I think Post Malone will not be a one-hit-wonder and that he has potential to carve a special place for himself in the music industry.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of bad songs that sound the same on Stoney. But the few great party songs mixed with fresh and unique acoustic songs make the album worthwhile to listen to. If Post Malone can refine his brand of hip hop, that is blending the folk sounds with traditional rap, and create a clearer message then he may become a name to be respected in an industry saturated with artists trying to do the same thing.

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