Position Open – Underwriting Representative

We are currently looking for an Underwriting Assistant. If you are interested in applying for this job, please follow the corresponding link at the end of the description.  If you would like more information about the positions, please email manager@ksdbfm.org.

Please note that anyone enrolled in the KSDB FM practicum class (MC385) will NOT be able to apply for an Executive Staff position.

Underwriting Assistant

  • Provides fifteen (15) hours of work each week, five (5) of which must be office hours. Reports directly to Station Manager, advised by fellow Executive Staff members
  • Reaches out with formal inquiries to businesses who would like to underwrite
  • Brainstorms promotions to pitch to prospective clients
  • Travels to businesses within the area and pitches aforementioned promotions and the idea of underwriting with KSDB
  • Follows up with businesses in regards to payment and keeps all clients updated on possible promotions available while sustaining a professional and productive relationship with business owners
  • Provides creative solutions and answers to business owners about underwriting

Full Job Description  |   Link to Application

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