Nicki Freestyle(s) Review

Bust Down Barbiana

“Neck Tat say Onika, I got more slaps than Aretha”

The Queen strikes again with another freestyle. Following up her 2 previous freestyles “Barbie Drip” and “Barbie Goin’ Bad” Onika adds remixes Bluefaces’ “Thotiana” with her version called “Bust Down Barbiana”. “…killing everybody beat thank you, next, Ariana

After the breakup Nicki blocked Meek on Twitter and Instagram effectively keeping him off of her page and feed.

Nicki continues into a bar that stands out–and appears to refer to Meek Mill…
“I don’t want you on my page, blockiana.”

Saying that she’s still winning “pacquiana” referring to Manny Pacquiao who despite his age is still winning fights.

And she’s still saying that girls are copying her:

“they copy my style, copiana, Roger That– over copiana…” referencing Nicki’s’ feature on Young Moneys’ “Roger That

As the song continues she continues to the“iana” at the end of every bar, somehow, making it still make sense and flowing smoothly.

Judging by her latest freestyles The Queen is hungry and she’s going to eat!!!

All 3 or her freestyles, Goin’ bad, Barbie drip and Bust Down Barbiana , are all a solid 8/10. 

By: Isaiah Cubit

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