New Music Monday – August 3, 2015

homepage_large.f81f39b6In two years, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy will be turning 50 years old. With that in mind, it only makes sense that the former folkster-gone-indie rocker made one of the most delightfully discordant records of his career. It’s like a sonic mid-life crisis. Star Wars was released on July 17 on Anti- Records, and it makes its’ way to the KSDB line-up this week.

Wilco established themselves as one of the forerunners of what we now call “modern indie” in 2002 with Yankee Foxtrot Hotel. While Wilco’s previous work may seem forgettable to anyone who wasn’t a pretentious 22-year old back in 2002, Star Wars is an invigorating jolt of energy. “Random Name Generator” boasts a fuzzy guitar riff with a catchy saw tooth hook, while “The Joke Explained” feels like a 1950’s prom shuffle-beat gone awry. At times, the album can seem a bit derivative, but when you step back and consider the different influences (rockabilly and even electronica on “Pickled Ginger”) you realize that a legitimate artist put a great amount of work into this.  Slower ballad-esque cuts like “Your Satellite” and “Magnetized” are even masterfully pulled off. If you are looking for an interesting and artful record to listen to this week, you should definitely consider listening to Star Wars. It’s what the cat on the cover of the album would probably want.

Other albums we’re listening to this week:

HEALTH - Death MagicHEALTH released their first album in six years, titled Death Magic. The noise-rock group’s latest album serves up 12 dense avant-garde tracks that incorporate a variety of sounds and styles including synthpop and even R&B elements. Listen for “Dark Enough” and “Life” on KSDB.

La Luz      Will Seattle ever stop being the epicenter of all things bright and beautiful? Probably not. This  week,  we’re vibing a few albums from Emerald City. La Luz is a vibrant surf-rock band, and their latest  effort, Weirdo  Shrine, was graced by the production genius of the garage rock king Ty Segall.   Seapony’s Falling is the perfect  album for a sun-kissed, late summer adventure. Be sure to look for it this  summer from Hardly Art records.

Mac DeMarco released over half of the tracks to his upcoming Another One. At the end of the album, Mac DeMarco gives away the address to his home in Queens. So far, he says about 30 people have taken him up on his offer to make them coffee. For a cool track-by-track from the Canadian himself, check out his interview on NPR’s All Songs Considered.

Last but not least from the Great North, Slim Twig lets all stops loose on Thank You For Sticking With Slim Twig. It’s a Moog-laden analog adventure accompanied by fat bass and dry drumming. It falls somewhere between the psychedelic jam band sounds of the ’70s and Digital Ash In A Digital Urn. 

To get an idea of what the buzz has been lately, make sure you check out the weekly Spotify playlist:

By: Andrew Shores

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