What’s Spinning?

What’s spinning at the top of Wildcat 91.9’s charts? 

(Updated 12/3/19)

Chloe Lilac – (Various Singles)

This seventeen year old songwriter and producer seems to have made a big name for herself since her debut. If these singles are anything to go by, her deserves it. With some of the better lyrics we’ve heard this semester and brilliantly produced sounds, we expect to see much more from her in the coming months.

Ivy FlindtIn Every Move

We may have added this one a bit later to our rotation, but y’all seem to like so with age some beauty. Beauty does seem an appropriate way to describe this collection of songs. Maturity and elegance shine through the defining qualities of these songs. They are more than worthy for their spot on our charts.

Men I TrustOncle Jazz

Twenty-four tracks, three good musicians, one great album. This dreamy-pop trio is back and they more than make up for the lack of releases over the last few years with this one. It’s a groovy good time and is just what we needed to get through finals. It’s belong in our charts.

The GrowlersNatural Affair

Boy howdy, this slaps, it almost the ideal Alt Rock album. All the tracks on this album could stand alone as amazing pieces, but where this album shines is its ability to fit these songs together so seamlessly. Nothing feels out of place or mishandled, it’s near perfect and now it’s in our heavy rotation.

Angel OlsenAll Mirrors

She’s back my friends, Angel Olsen is back and has shot straight to the top of our charts. This albums seems to combine past versions of her continuously evolving sound to create something truly magnificent. Please educate yourself and listen to this album.

HovvdyHeavy Lifting

This indie-rock duo have come back strong with their third full LP. While this album moves away from their more rock-centered roots, it brings in a more relaxed pop feeling to their tracks. It’s an interesting shift in tone for the band, making it worth listening to for new and old fans alike.

GeowulfMy Resignation

The second album from this pop-duo show just how much these childhood friends have grown since their debut back in 2018. They’ve been able to create an album that exemplifies vulnerability while keeping an energy that can outshine its sister albums. It’s earned its spot on the top of our charts.

New Pornographers In the Morse Code of Brake Lights

This whole album sounds weirdly ominous, like it’s got a hidden meaning in its sound. It sounds dope, which is one reason it had moved so high in our charts. This bands eighth studio album keeps their stylized guitar-pop vibe but is considerably darker in tone than previous works by the band. We dig it and hope you do too.

Big ThiefTwo Hands

Two Hands is raw emotion in a non-filters setting. The second to come from Big Thief this year, feels like it was meant to be heard live so you can experience the power behind the lyrics of each track. It’s got highs and lows in terms of energy but it will leave you in your feels no matter what track you listen to.


This band’s sound is tight, clean and seemingly effortless. It’s relaxed while also feeling like an enormous amount of effort was put into this. Their third album shows this off the most out of all their releases. With some powerful guitar and percussion work, this a must listen for any surf or indie rock fans.