What’s Spinning?

What’s spinning at the top of Wildcat 91.9’s charts? 

(Updated 10/15/19)

Angel OlsenAll Mirrors

She’s back my friends, Angel Olsen is back and has shot straight to the top of our charts. This albums seems to combine past versions of her continuously evolving sound to create something truly magnificent. Please educate yourself and listen to this album.

Marika HackmanAny Human Friend

Overtly sexual lyrics and hidden message about love make up most of this indie-pop album. This crude but incredibly fun group of songs strikes a strange balance between making you want to kiss a stranger and making you reflect on all the love you lost in life.

Twin PeaksLookout Low

Twin Peak’s fourth studio album makes a return to the top of our charts this week. This great blend of jam band funk and classic rock is easily listening for anyone who hears it.

Shannon LayAugust

Appearing at the top of our charts for weeks in a row, Shannon Lay’s first solo album mixes fantastic folk music with subtle (very subtle) hints of the punk genre. Lay has said that the album is a metaphor for a river, we think it’s a river worth riding to its conclusion.

Chastity BeltChastity Belt

In their fourth studio album, this indie pop/rock band brings a chilled out and more mature performance than their past work. While they may sacrifice variety for this refined sound, this album well worth a listen for long time fans.

(Sandy) Alex GHouse of Sugar

This slaps, not much other way to put it. It shot straight to the top of the charts as soon as it dropped, and looks like it will be staying for a bit. The album is a series of vignettes and while none are complete powerhouses, each grabs your attention and makes you feel each lyric.

Big ThiefTwo Hands

Two Hands is raw emotion in a non-filters setting. The second to come from Big Thief this year, feels like it was meant to be heard live so you can experience the power behind the lyrics of each track. It’s got highs and lows in terms of energy but it will leave you in your feels no matter what track you listen to.

Frankie CosmosClose It Quietly

This album has sat, high and mighty, at the top of our charts for three weeks now, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s variation in sound and theme from track to track give mind to the power of collaboration this band has found and harnessed. It’s definitely different from their norm, but it is all the better for it.

Kate TeagueKate Teague

Soft alt rock and very subtle dashes of country pop come to together in the artists debut album. Kate Teague is an album that speaks to many of Teague’s experiences in life and makes for some damn relatable lyrics that make experiencing this album so much more personal.

Jay SomAnak Ko

This album is nothing but fun energy and innocent playfulness but also manages to hit you in feels when you least expect it. Jay Som has hit her stride, making it no surprise this album has sat near the top of our charts for two weeks.

Surf CurseHeaven Surrounds You

In Surf Curse’s third studio album, constant references to cult classic movies pair excellently with the band’s classic upbeat brand of rock. A slight variation in their tried and true formula of song making make this album a great listen for both new and old fans.